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This is the ultimate guide for LIDL employees! We are thrilled to present you the LIDL Employee Portal, our newest tool. This portal allows you to access all the information relevant to your work life in one place. It’s also available 24/7. Everything can be done quickly with just a few clicks, whether you need to check your pay stubs and request time off. Let’s get started!

What is the LIDL Employee Portal and how can I access it?

LIDL Employee Portal is an online resource available to employees of German supermarket chain LIDL. Access to the portal gives employees access to various resources, such as a job listing, employee directory, and company news. The portal allows employees to access their LIDL email account as well as their calendar.

How To LIDL Employee Portal Login?

Follow these steps to log in to the employee portal if you are a LIDL Employee.

1. Go to the LIDL Employee Portal website at

2. In the “ID” field, enter your LIDL Employee email address,  username or GPS number.

3. In the “Password” section, enter your password.

4. To log in to the employee portal, click the “Login” button

How to reset the LIDL Employee Portal Login Password?

These steps will allow you to reset your password on the LIDL employee portal.

1. Log in to the LIDL Employee Portal.

2. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the “Login” heading. link.

3. In the box provided, enter your email address and click the “Send Reset Link”.

4. You will receive an email from LIDL containing a link to reset your password. Follow the steps to create a new password.

How to Change the LIDL Employee Portal Username?

Follow these steps to modify your LIDL employee portal username

1. Log in to the LIDL Employee Portal at next, Do you have login issues? Click here

2. In the appropriate fields, enter your username and password.

3. Click the link “Change Username” located under “Account Settings”.

4. In the “New Username” box, enter your new username.

5. Enter your new username again in the “Confirm New Username” field.

6. To save your username, click on the “Save Changes” button.


LIDL’s employee portal login is a great way for employees to access their payslips and other important information. It provides them with the opportunity to stay up-to date on their pay, benefits, schedules and more. With this easy-to-use platform, employees can keep track of their own progress in the workplace as well as get any help or advice if needed. With these advantages to being part of the LIDL family, it is no wonder why so many people choose this company for employment!

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