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The Novolex Employee Portal is a central hub for employees to access important company information and resources. From the Portal, employees can view and update their contact information, view their benefits information, request time off, and more. The Portal is available 24/7 and is accessible from any internet-connected device.

What is the Novolex Employee Portal?

Novolex Employee

The Novolex Employee Portal is an online resource that provides employees with access to a variety of tools and information. The portal includes a wide range of features, including a news feed, employee directory, job postings, and much more. The portal is designed to help employees stay connected and informed about the latest company news and updates.

How to login to your Novolex account

If you are a Novolex employee, you can login to your account by following these steps:

Novolex Employee
  • Click on the “Login” button to be taken to your account dashboard.

Once you are logged in, you will have access to all of your account features, including your personal information, job history, pay stubs, benefits information, and more. If you have any trouble logging in or accessing your account, please contact your HR representative for assistance.

How to Change your password

If you need to change your password for any reason, follow the steps below. Note that you will need to know your current password in order to change it.

  • Go to the Novolex Employee Login page .
  • Enter your username and current password in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on the “Forgot your user name or password?” link.
Novolex Employee
  • enter your Social Security Number or Member ID, Date of Birth, Zip Code, and Company Key (provided by your benefits administrator). ” field and confirm it in the “Confirm Password” field.
Novolex Employee
  • Click on the “Continue” button.

You will now be logged in with your new password. If you have any problems changing your password, please contact your Novolex administrator for assistance.

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How to update your personal information

It is important to keep your personal information up to date in the Novolex Employee Login system. Here are some instructions on how to do that:

  1. Login to the Novolex Employee Login system.
  2. Click on the “Update Personal Information” link in the left sidebar.
  3. Enter your updated information in the appropriate fields and click “Save.”

What Benefits Does the Portal Offer?

The Novolex employee portal offers several benefits to employees, including a secure login, the ability to view pay stubs and W-2 forms, access to company news and announcements, and the ability to update personal information. The portal also provides links to resources such as the Novolex handbook, job descriptions, and the employee directory.

Novolex Benefits

Novolex offers many benefits to its employees, including a competitive salary and comprehensive health insurance. The company also offers a 401(k) plan with matching contributions, as well as paid vacation and sick days. Novolex is committed to providing its employees with the resources they need to succeed in their careers. The company offers ongoing training and development opportunities, as well as the chance to work with some of the world’s top brands.

How to contact customer support

If you have questions or need assistance with your Novolex Employee Login account, there are several ways to contact customer support.

Annual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) is Oct. 12 – Oct. 28, 2022. For a smooth enrollment, we encourage you to reset your system password now.

To reset your password follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the “Forgot your user name or password” link below the Login button.
  2. Input all required fields for security purposes. 
  3. Continue to answer any additional security questions.
  4. Create a new system password that you will use when the time comes to log in and enroll in your benefits for your Annual Benefit Enrollment period.

If you have locked your account, please call the Novolex Benefits Center at 844-267-2358.


Novolex’s employee portal is a great resource for employees to access the latest company news, job openings, and more. We hope you have found this portal to be helpful and easy to use. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for being a valued member of the Novolex family!

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