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Here you can find the complete instructions for logging into your Sodexo Reward Hub employee account. Do you work for a business that appreciates and rewards its staff for their efforts?

If so, you might be familiar with Sodexo’s comprehensive selection of benefits, incentives, and perks designed to help you reach your personal and professional goals. Everything you need to know about the Sodexo Reward Hub employee portal will be covered in this post, from logging in and using the interface to redeeming awards and learning about interesting deals.

The Sodexo Reward Hub: What is it?

An online employee portal called the Sodexo Reward Hub gives staff members access to their accounts, allows them to check their balances, and lets them use incentives. Workers can also update their personal information and examine their transaction history.

The Sodexo Reward Hub Employee Login Process

If you work for Sodexo, you can log in to the Sodexo Reward Hub with your Sodexo login information. This is how:

Sodexo Reward Hub Employee
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • You will be taken to the homepage of the Sodexo Reward Hub, where you can access all the features and advantages of working for Sodexo.

How Can I Change My Employee Login Password For The Sodexo Reward Hub Employee?

You may quickly reset your Sodexo Reward Hub employee portal password if you’ve forgotten it. Just adhere to these easy steps:

Sodexo Reward Hub Employee
  • Fill out the required field with your Sodexo username, then click the “Submit” button.
Sodexo Reward Hub Employee
  • After that, you’ll be directed to a website where you can change your account’s password. After doing that, simply click the “Reset Password” button to finish.

What are the Sodexo Reward Hub’s advantages?

An employee login portal called the Sodexo Reward Hub gives access to a number of advantages and tools. They consist of:

• A thorough web directory of businesses connected to Sodexo, including specials and deals

• Online control over your Sodexo account and benefits

• A customised dashboard for the Sodexo Reward Hub that lets you monitor your progress and activity

• A community forum on the internet where Sodexo staff members can interact and ask questions or share advice.

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The Sodexo Reward Hub: How to Use It

Employees must log in using their Sodexo account credentials before using the Sodexo Reward Hub. Employees can access and manage their rewards balance, view recent transaction history, and learn more about the programmed after logging in. Employees only need to click the “redeem” button and adhere to the guidelines to redeem prizes. It’s that simple!

To Enter the Reward HubClick Here
Official Website

Sodexo Helpline Details

Call Solution line0870 755 0055
Calling Support855-763-3964 (855-SodexoHR)
Technical Help888-667-9111
Trouble Logging In? Email on[email protected]
RewardTeam[email protected]


To access the incentives and advantages that your employer has to offer, use the Sodexo Reward Hub employee login. You can easily locate what you’re looking for using its user-friendly layout while maintaining contact with other colleagues. Contact your human resources department for assistance if you have any queries or issues with using the reward hub. Start benefiting from all that the Sodexo Reward Hub has to offer right now now that you are more knowledgeable about how to log in as an employee.

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