Dollar Tree Paystub Full Guide

Popular American retailer Dollar Tree specialises in offering a variety of goods at discounted prices, from food items to household necessities.

Paystubs, which are necessary records that reflect an employee’s compensation or wages, taxes, and other deductions, are something that Dollar Tree offers to its employees, just like any other business. You can learn everything you need to know about Dollar Tree paystubs in this article.

An employee’s earnings and deductions for a particular pay period are displayed on a paystub. The employee’s gross salary, net pay, taxes withheld, and additional deductions including health insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and wage garnishments are frequently included.

It’s important to know that Dollar Tree paystubs are produced every two weeks. Accordingly, every two weeks, workers get a paystub that details their earnings and deductions for the previous two weeks of work.

The fact that Dollar Tree provides its employees with a range of benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans, is another significant consideration.

The cost of the benefits is withdrawn from employees’ paychecks if they opt to enrol in these benefit programmes through the Green Employee site. This implies that your pay stub will include deductions for your benefit contributions.

The Dollar Tree paystubs also detail any incentives or bonuses that workers may have received throughout the pay period. For instance, the bonus sum will be shown on the employee’s pay stub under the “earnings” column if they receive a bonus for exceeding a sales target.

Last but not least, remember to save your Dollar Tree paystubs throughout the year because you’ll need them to file your taxes.

Your paystubs detail your earnings and taxes paid, as well as any pre-tax advantages you may have deducted, such health insurance or retirement contributions. To complete your tax forms accurately, you’ll need this information.

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How Do I Get My Paystub From Dollar Tree?

You should access your Dollar Tree paystub regularly to maintain track of your earnings and make sure you are being paid correctly.

Thankfully, getting a hold of your paystub is simple and can be done online using the Green Employee site. The following instructions will show you how to access your Dollar Tree paystub:

Visit the Green Employee webpage here:

Employees of Dollar Tree can see their pay stubs and other crucial employment data on the Green Employee website.

Go to and input your login details to get started.

Enter your login details:

You’ll need to enter your employee ID and password in order to access the Green Employee portal. By selecting the “Create Account” link on the login screen, you can create an account if you haven’t already.

Get to the “Paystub” section by navigating:

A menu of choices will appear on the left side of the screen after you log in to the Green Employee site. You can examine your most recent and previous paystubs by selecting the “Paystub” option.

To view a pay period, choose it:

You must choose the pay period you want to view because your paystubs will be arranged by pay period. Usually, you may do this by choosing a date range for the pay period you want to view.

When you have decided which pay period you want to view, you can download or print your paystub to keep as a record. You may see here crucial details about that pay period, including your gross salary, deductions, and net pay.

Dollar Tree Compass Employee Login

To Dollar Tree compass employee login, please follow these steps:-

  • Now, enter your “Employee ID and Password” in the provide box.
  • Next, click on the “Login” button to access your Dollar Tree Compass portal account.

Dollar Tree Employee Pay

Dollar Tree Employee Pay online visit this link at

Online E-Form Access

Using the web-based Paperless Employee system, you can access your online E-Forms. In the system, you may also manage your direct deposit account.

To log into the system:
Enter in your internet browser.
Use your User ID and password to log in.

You must make an account if you are new to the system.
To start the signup process, click the Create Account button.

Use your Employee ID, SSN, and the first three letters of your first name to verify your account.
In this stage, enter your name, create a user ID and password, and then click Create Account.

Choose three security questions, then enter the responses. Press the Save Security Questions button.
Click on the Save Notification Option setting after entering your email address and phone number, validating both of them.
Now access your E-Forms from anywhere at any time by logging in with your new user ID and password.

Account Unlock:

To unlock your account if it has been locked due to suspicious activity, send an email to [email protected].

Dollar Tree HR Number

Call the Dollar Tree Associate Connection line at 1-800- 876-8077 or the Family Dollar Human Resources Contact Center

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App

Customers may manage their accounts and make purchases at Dollar Tree using the user-friendly and convenient Compass Mobile Dollar Tree login on the Compass Mobile app.

Shopping at Dollar Tree has never been simpler because to the app’s many features, which include a store locator, product catalogue, online shopping, order monitoring, and digital coupons. You can use the Compass Mobile app to access your Dollar Tree account and take advantage of all of its benefits by following the instructions in this article.

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