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When it comes to employee engagement, few companies can rival Penske. In fact, their portal is one of the most popular employee engagement tools on the market. So what makes this portal so special? For one, it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can access it from any computer or device, making it perfect for remote workers and employees who work from home. Additionally, the portal offers a host of features that will help you manage your workforce more effectively. If you’re looking for a way to boost employee morale and engagement, check out Penske’s Employee Portal. It’s sure to give your team a boost.

What is the Employee Portal?

The Employee Portal is a powerful tool that allows employees to access their employer’s information from any device. Employees can manage their employee records, view their pay history, and more. The portal also allows employers to manage employee communication and HR issues.

How To Go Penske Employee Login?

If you are an employee at Penske Corporation, you have access to the company’s Employee Portal. This portal provides you with easy access to your account information, benefits, and workplace policies. To sign in to the Employee Portal, use the following steps:

  • From your computer, open the internet browser link click here.
  • Enter your user name and password in the login form that appears on the screen.
Penske Employee
  • Click “Login.”
  • The Employee Portal home page will appear on your screen. You can now access all of your account information and benefits under the “My Account” tab.
  • Under “Penske Policies,” you will find information about workplace policies and procedures, such as sick leave and vacation time accrual rates. You can also find out about safety and security policies at our facilities by clicking on the “Safety & Security” tab.
  • If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of working at Penske Corporation, be sure to check out the “Contact Us” tab for contact information for various departments within our company.

How To Reset Go Penske Employee Login Password?

Penske Employee
  • Enter the employee “SSO ID” in the provide fields.
Penske Employee

Finely, click on the “Continue” button.

Penske Employee Discounts

Penske Corporation is the largest trucking company in the world, and they offer employee discounts on a variety of items. Some of the more popular discounts include 20% off merchandise at the Penske Truck Centers, 10% off services at Penske Motor Group, and 5% off car rentals from participating partners. You can also find exclusive discounts for Penske employees only, like 25% off golf at Eagle Point Golf Club. To take advantage of these discounts, you’ll need to create an account on the Penske Employee Portal. Once you’ve registered, you can access your account settings to activate your discount codes and track your spending.

Penske Benefits Enrollment

The Go Penske Employee Portal is a great way to stay connected with your team and get up-to-the-minute information about company initiatives. You can access the portal from any computer with internet access, and you don’t need a password.

The portal includes:

  • News and events: Get the latest information about company happenings, including press releases, blog posts, and employee events.
  • Employee files: View your personnel file, including your name, contact information, and job title. You can also edit or add information to your file.
  • Company history: Learn about Penske’s rich history by reading articles about our company’s milestones, successes, and failures.
  • Team resources: Access resources that support your work, such as templates for emails or reports. You can also find helpful videos on topics such as time management or stress management.

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Penske Employee Email Login

Penske is a Fortune 500 company with over 244,000 employees in more than 50 countries. As part of their Corporate Culture and Employee Engagement initiative, Penske has implemented an online employee portal for its employees. The portal allows employees to login to their profiles and access their files, calendar, and other important information.

The online employee portal is available at click here. Employees can sign in using their email address and password. The website is easy to use and provides quick access to important information such as your pay history, awards, and performance reviews.

The website also includes resources such as career advice, job postings, training materials, and networking events. Penske hopes that the online employee portal will help employees stay connected and organized while working at the company.

How to Access the Employee Portal

The Go Penske Employee Portal is a convenient way for employees to access their personal files, myPenske account information, and company resources. To access the portal, visit click here.

First, use the login form to create a myPenske account. This account will allow you to access your files, track your leave history, and more. After you create your myPenske account, you can use the login form to log in to the employee portal.

Once you are logged in to the employee portal, you can view your current profile and manage your personal files. You can also view your leave history and activate or deactivate benefits such as vacation time and health insurance. In addition, you can find contact information for corporate resources such as HR departments and insurance providers.

Features of the Employee Portal

The Go Penske Employee Portal is a comprehensive system that can help your employees stay organized and productive. The portal features a custom employee directory, email management, leave management, expense tracking, and more. You can also manage company-wide policies and communication through the portal. Additionally, the portal provides easy access to performance reviews, compensation packages, and more. You can even use the portal to manage employee morale and engagement. With all of this functionality and flexibility, the Go Penske Employee Portal is an essential tool for any organization.


Thank you for choosing Go Penske as your portal of choice for employee communication and collaboration. Our goal is to provide an easy, user-friendly experience that lets you manage your team’s communications from one central location. In addition to our standard features, we also offer a variety of integrations that let you connect with other applications and systems within the company. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of our portal and how it can help improve your work life. If there is anything else we can do to help please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]!

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