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Neptune Retail Solutions Employee recognizes the challenges employees face in logging into their accounts. This is why they created an easy-to use employee login system. 

This blog article will discuss the Neptune Retail Solutions Employee features, how to access the Neptune Retail Solutions Employee portal, how to sign up, and reset the Neptune Retail Solutions Employee User Id in this portal system. Continue reading for more information!

What are Neptune Retail Solutions Employee and how do they work?

Neptune Retail Solutions, a cloud-based software company for retail management, enables retailers to better manage their businesses and communicate with customers. The company provides a range of tools that can be used to streamline retailers’ operations. These include a point-of sale system, inventory management, customer relationships management and analytics.

Neptune’s mission to support retailers in digital age is to provide them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s market. Neptune was established in 2014 in Boston, MA.

How to log in to the Neptune Retail Solutions Employee Portal?

To log in to the Neptune Retail Solutions Employee Portal you will need your employee ID. Follow these steps once you have received these two pieces.

1. Visit the Neptune Retail Solutions site at

2. Then, click on the “Employee Login”.

3. Now, enter your Clock user ID and password.

3. Click on the “Login” button.

For assistance with logging in, contact your HR department.

How to Reset the Neptune Retail Solutions Employee Login Password?

It’s simple to reset your password if you are an employee at Neptune Retail Solutions. Follow these steps:

1. Log in to Neptune Retail Solutions.

2. In the Username field, enter your username.

3. Click on the “Forgot password?” link below the Password field. Below the Password field, click on the “Forgot your password?” link.

4. In the Email field, enter the email address associated to your account and click on Submit.

Neptune Retail Solutions Employee Login

5. You will receive an email from Neptune Retail Solutions containing instructions for how to reset your password.

6. Follow the instructions and you can create a new password.

Neptune Retail Solutions Helpdesk

545 Washington Blvd
8th Floor
Jersey City, NJ

For more infortmation visit contact


We have talked about the importance of Neptune Retail Solutions Employee Login. We also discussed how employees can log in, sign up, recovery username and password to their accounts and access their login page. We hope you found our guide helpful and informative.

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