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To access your work-related information, are you sick of switching between different platforms? Would you like to have one place to go for all your TCC employee needs? Check out the TCC Employee Portal right away! With the help of this cutting-edge technology, our team members can collaborate better and communicate more effectively. The TCC Employee Portal lets you wave confusion goodbye and welcome efficiency. Visit this blog article to learn more about its advantages and features.

About The

Our organisation is called Dena’ Nena’ Henash, which means “Our Land Speaks.” We are an Alaska Native non-profit organisation tasked with promoting regional Native unity and Tribal self-determination. We strive to fulfil the needs of Tribal members and beneficiaries in our territory in terms of health and social services. Our activities and services cover a wide variety, including direct healthcare, tribal development, resource management, public safety, community planning, and transportation.

We are a group of 42 tribal members, including 37 federally recognized tribes and 39 communities. Our territory in inner Alaska spans 235,000 square miles, or about 37 percent of the state’s total area and just a little smaller than the state of Texas.

There are six subregions in our region:

Lower Yukon Koyukuk Yukon Tanana Upper Tanana Yukon Upper Kuskokwim Yukon Flats

How does the TCC Employee Portal work?

Employees at TCC can access tools and information about their jobs through the TCC Employee Portal, an online portal. The site has many features, such as a directory of employees, job ads, and details on perks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anyone can access the site.

Accessing the TCC Employee Portal

To Login, TCC Employee Portal please follow bellow step:-

  • If you go to the TCC intranet and click on the “Citrix” link.
  • You can log into the TCC Employee Portal.
  • Their TCC username and password will then be required.
  • Click on the “Log on” option.

Resetting your TCC Employee Portal password

You can quickly reset your TCC Employee Portal password if you’ve forgotten it. Don’t worry if you do. Simply take the following actions:

  1. Start by visiting the TCC Employee Portal login page
  2. Choose the link labelled “Forget Password?” under the “Password” column.
  3. Fill in the spaces provided with your username and email address.
  4. Click the button labelled “Reset Password.”
  5. Instructions for changing your password will be sent to you through email. To change your password, simply click the link in the email and follow the instructions.

Electronic (EDI / ACH) Payments

  1. Download your application (PDF 85KB).
  2. Send it to us.
  3. Look at the FAQs (PDF 102KB).
  • Email
  • Phone
    • (907)452-8251 ext. 3252
    • (907)452-8251 ext. 3258
  • Fax
    • (907) 459-3854

What functions is the TCC Employee Portal capable of?

Employees can access their personal and professional information whenever they want, day or night, through the TCC Employee Portal, a secure website. In addition to viewing and updating their contact information, accessing their health insurance and retirement benefits, viewing their pay stubs and W-2 forms, viewing their work schedule, requesting time off, and more, employees can utilise the employee portal to manage their personal information. Spanish and English are both supported by the portal.

TCC Customer Help Desk


Employees of TCC can easily access the materials they require by using the TCC Employee Portal. It offers tools that can assist save time and boost productivity at work, as well as a simple method to keep connected and informed of vital information. It is simple to understand why so many individuals are enthusiastic about what the portal has to offer when all of these characteristics are taken into consideration. Thus, log into your account now and start exploring rather than waiting any longer!

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